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  • ※1 お送りいただいた写真は「プロジェクトムービー」の制作に使用させていただきます。
  • ※2 完成した動画は本ホームページや広瀬香美Official YouTubeチャンネル、各種SNSなどで公開されることをご了承ください。

A Message From Singer-Songwriter Kohmi Hirose

Help make
Kimi ni Serenade
an Inspiration for All.

Hello, everyone. My name is Kohmi Hirose.

I just finished writing a new song,
Kimi ni Serenade (A Serenade for You),
which was chosen as the TV Tokyo 2022 winter sports theme song.

A strong sense of purpose came over me as
I was writing this song.
I felt inspired to cheer on all the athletes who will soon step onto the greatest stage of their lives.
I also wanted to encourage everyone
in the world who is struggling to overcome their own challenges.

Life isn’t always easy.
We all face unexpected challenges,
and I’m not just talking about COVID-19.

But I want everyone who is fighting for
a better life to find inspiration in this song.

That is the feeling that came over me,
and that is why I had the idea to give you the chance to use this song to help others.

To make Kimi ni Serenade
a song for everyone.
Minna no Serenade (A Serenade for Everyone).

So this is what I’m asking you to do.
Download my song for free
and create your own inspirational movie
using the song combined
with your own videos, stills, or any combination you can think of.

Then upload your movie to social media
for everyone to see.

I hope from the bottom of my heart
that Kimi ni Serenade
becomes an inspiration for you and
for the world.

Kohmi Hirose, Recording Kimi ni Serenade

About the Minna no Serenade Project

Any level of production is welcome,
from professional-level
content to home movies.

The #MinnaNoSerenade Project is an
opportunity for you to use the song Kimi ni Serenade
in combination with your own video or still image content to create an inspirational music video.

Add the #minnanoserenade hashtag to your video and upload your creation
to your own social media channel (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

Any type of video is OK! From professionally edited music videos to personal images of you
on the ski slopes or participating in other winter activities.
Even everyday scenes of you, your family, and friends. Any type of content—video or stills, etc.—combined with the song, Kimi ni Serenade, is welcome.*

Feel free to create as you feel moved to make your own personal video.

* We reserve the right to request the take down/deletion of any work that is deemed offensive, or that violates the terms of use.

STEP / How to Create Your Video

Use your creativity to make an inspirational music video and join the project.

  • 1Agree to the rules and terms of use, and then download the resources available from the Minna no Serenade Project website.
  • 2Create your inspirational music video by adding visual elements to the beginning of the music video downloaded from the project website.
  • 3Add the #minnanoserenade hashtag and upload your new music video to your social media channels (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

We plan to create
a Minna no Serenade
Project music video
combining elements from the most
inspirational submissions.

Entry Period:
January 6 through February 20

*1 If you don’t have your own social media account, you can create one to participate in the project. If you are unable to create an account for some reason, you can send your video to the email address below.
*2 Videos posted to YouTube with the #minnanoserenade hashtag may be featured on the official Kohmi Hirose YouTube channel, Music Lounge.
*3 At the conclusion of the project, the most inspirational submissions will be edited into a single video and published through TV Tokyo and the official Kohmi Hirose YouTube channel. 

Project Videos From Our Friends

Our friends have
submitted their project videos.
Use your creativity to make your own video!

  • 【#みんなのセレナーデ】ピアノを重ねてセッションしてみた。

  • 【サンプル動画】愛犬のハッピー&スマイル いつもありがとう♡

  • 【サンプル動画】娘の初レース(パパも激走)動画を作ってみた。

  • 【サンプル動画】娘の成長記録を使って、家族の応援ムービーつくってみた

Submit Your Video and Join the Project

Download the music and other resources
from the project website to make your own movie.

Please read and agree to the following rules and terms of use before downloading and using the Kohmi Hirose song, Kimi ni Serenade, and other resources (collectively, “Resources”) provided by the Minna no Serenade Project website.

1.For videos that meet all of the following rules and terms of use, the relevant copyrights to music and resources provided by the Minna no Serenade Project will not be enforced (take-down notices, copyright claims, etc.) for user-created videos submitted during the term of the project (January 6, 2020 to February 20, 2022).

a) Minna no Serenade videos must be created and published for personal and not-for-profit purposes.
b) Resources must be downloaded from the official Minna no Serenade Project website legally.※(After the conclusion of the project term, copyrights related to music and other resources related to the project will be enforced. Do not publish videos after the term of the project, or your content may be subject to a copyright claim or take-down notice, etc.)

2.Note that copyright claims or take-down notices will be issued at any time in the following cases, even during the project term.
a) Non-compliance with any of rules or the terms use above
b) Use of Resources related to for-profit uses, including, but not limited to, advertising income, affiliate links, gifts, etc.
c) Use of Resources to advertise or promote a company, organization, event, or product, etc.
d) Use of Resources provided via the Minna no Serenade project as background music for content unrelated to the purpose and intent of this project.
e) Video content that is morally offensive or violates statutory laws and regulations.

3.I hereby agree unconditionally that my video, created with Resources, may be used in the official Kohmi Hirose YouTube channel, Music Lounge, directly or in any other context related to the Minna no Serenade Project, on YouTube or other social media, or on relevant websites after the completion of the Minna no Serenade Project.
*Please note that no compensation, financial or otherwise, will be paid for the use of content referenced above, regardless of the nominal transfer of said content.

Minna No Serenade Project Management Office January 11, 2022

Download Resources for to the Minna No Serenade Project (#minnanoserenade)

Download ※プロジェクト期間は終了しました。

Click the button to confirm your agreement to the rules and terms of use.